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Dennes Tejada AKA Ongokiller50 is a stick figure animator and flash game creator. He is known for creating the Combat Tournament series and Power Star Game, but suddenly disappeared in 2019-2020 while creating Combat Tournament 2 by deleting his Newgrounds account and his YouTube channel.

In August of 2020, he created a new account, and released a new game to add to the Combat Tournament series: Combat Tournament Rewind. At this point, he had also created a Discord server for Combat Tournament.

This was when he started development of a new Combat Tournament game going by the name Combat Tournament 2, although this one was not being made in Flash, and was instead being made in Unity. The game now had 3D movement, which means the game was indeed being made in 3D. Eventually, however, he began to feel like Combat Tournament in 3D was not working out for him very well. And so, he took a break from making the game, and it's unknown if he will continue development for it.

A few weeks later, he wanted to make a Combat Tournament, but with online. With this thought in mind, he went back to Flash, so he could modify the original Combat Tournament with Online capabilities. Thanks to some of the people in the Discord server, he was able to test the game out with them. He and the people in the server had to use Hamachi to get a connection, and this worked out pretty well. However, the concerns were now with the game and how it functions with more than one person in play. Ongokiller50 soon came to a conclusion that Flash is not quite capable of having decent online.

Days later, he shifted from Flash, to Unity, to continue the same project. He had to start from the ground up, but will still accomplish the same task.

Ongokiller50's picture in Newgrounds before he deleted his Newgrounds account.