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Danko has a magic cap(named "Gorro") his can transform into anything and can move at will by Danko. If someone puts His cap, Gorro will know that is not Danko and eat it, his hate humas, can only use Danko.


Danko can be defeated if you continually hit or cutting the head only because when his use the skills of Gorro his lose the normals weakness of a normal human, and Gorro is indestructible, but if he hits too hard can return to cap state, some transformations are more resistant than others like a shield or a tank.


Not much to say about Danko, is a normal human with a magic cap named Gorro (he calls it so at least) Danko like games much, usually using attacks or weapons their favorite characters, like battles and strategy. About Gorro do not know much for now....