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Cree is a gladiator from the RHG series.


Controls the flames of the phoenix inside him,can transform into phoenix mode, skin cant be cut while in Phoenix Mode. Highly resistant to fire. sword wielder and good at close range combat. (doesn't necessarily need his sword to fight although it does increase his defense).


Human weaknesses. while in phoenix mode, water/iced based attacks. Enough damage can also knock cree out of Phoenix Mode.


Cree climbed mount skyrine to retrieve the powerful "wing blade" which was used to seal away a great powerful phoenix. when he removed the sword, the phoenix possessed him, he now wields the power of the phoenix but cannot yet control it.. it often comes out by itself if cree gets tooo angry. Cree is capable of showing mercy, but sometimes the phoenix takes over, and kills his enemies. the phoenix can possess him even when he's not in Phoenix Mode.


Demo (vs FLLFFL)