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Combat Tournament Legends is a fast-paced fighting game, created, directed and released on Stickpage in 2011 by Ongokiller50 (Dennes Tejada). Stone (Travis George Michael Steven) contributed with making the game this time, instead of it all being done by Ongokiller50 like the previous game. They both took the task of animating things in the game like the playable characters, but Stone did the graphics for the game, which explains the different artstyle of the game compared to the previous game. The game is usually considered to be a sequel to the game "Combat Tournament", which was created a year earlier in 2010, though as said by Ongokiller50, Combat Tournament Legends is really just an improved and better version of the previous game, this time being beta tested by other people as well.

Combat Tournament Legends Character Select.

Over the years, it has constantly grown in popularity, and 3 new characters were added (Andre, Yoyo, and Ninja). In the game, you are also able to play as the older characters, Home-Run-Bat, Mr. Slaptastic, and Double Range. The objective of the game is to fight other competitors, advancing through the game while unlocking new levels and characters, with the characters being unlocked starting at Double Range, Andre, Yoyo and Ninja, in that order.

The last two Legends are Crazy Jay (Mascot of Stickpage) and Mr. Red (The protagonist of Shock Series). They are exclusive characters that can be found and unlocked only on the game's version on Stickpage. The only two RHGs from FluidAnims who make an appearance in the game are Andre and Yoyo.

Level Differences

All of levels are the same from the first game, with the only exception being that the Attack 'N' Defend level is replaced by Can you see the enemys?, but may have different or reduced people or maps.

Full list of levels

  • Tutorial (The dummy's name is now "MY NAME IS BETTY!" instead of "Bitch".)
  • First 4 Way Battle (There are only 2 other opponents instead of 3. The kill requirement has also been changed from 6 to 4. In versions before 2.2(b) Mr.ShaoDow would be there. HoboJack is seen in the screenshot.)
  • 1V1 Blue Box (Exactly the same.)
  • 6 Way Game (There are only 4 other opponents instead of 5 and everyone is a new character except for SwordUpURAss. The kill requirement has been changed from 15 to 7 for Normal Mode, and 20 to 9 for Hard Mode. In the screenshot, TonyTheCock was renamed to "TonyTheTock" to appeal to younger audiences and Backpack is seen there.)
  • Slappy Vs Hammy (DarkColoredSlapper and chicken are not there, but are named undefined. Also, the spawnpoint for Balls has been altered when starting the match, as now, Balls spawns on the top floor next to Rice instead of on the bottom floor on the sloped terrain.)
  • Total War (Stupid is not there. Also, all of the gray platforms in the level have been removed.)
  • 1V1 Tri-Head (Exactly the same.)
  • 2v2 (OldDirtyBasterd now spawns directly above you instead of on the left side of the stage.)
  • Tag Kill (Everyone is named BlueBox instead of Mario and BlackChicken, and the CPUs are now on a team against you.)
  • One Man Army (Everyone is named BlueBox instead of Mario, A_Bed_Matrix, OneDirtyKid, and ATable.)
  • Can you see the enemys? (This level replaced Attack 'N' Defend.)
  • Elimination +2 (TanPon is not there, but he was replaced by Rice in versions before 2.2(b).)
  • Death Players (Exactly the same.)
  • Death Players 2 (Exactly the same.)
  • Final Fight (There are two BlackChicken opponents instead of DennesTejada.)


Fighting the enemies in this game is easier and harder than it is in the first game. Easier because you now exit out of launchstun, but harder because the A.I. does so as well. Some enemies are easier to fight than others.

Normal Bots

These bots can either not do constant combos, or cannot do special moves. For some characters, they attempt to move to a certain point of the level. Expect: SwordUpURAss (Andre), Rice, SesameStreet, etc...

Middle Bots

Only used by Home-Run-Bats, these bots are modified Normal bots to make more advanced combos. They can also perform special attacks after side combos. Expect: BlueBox(Red) and redBox.

BlueBox Bots

These are modified Middle bots to add the backhand combo. Also named due to CPUs named BlueBox being the only ones to use this. They also roll at random. Also, if you're crouching, they will hit you with an attack that will hit you out of it.

Follow Bots

These bots will act somewhat like Middle bots, but can combine combos and execute specials without doing a combo first. They may also follow a specific fighter on the map. Expect: Mr.ShaoDow - Grime, Rice (Yoyo), Balls, etc...

Monster Bots

Only used by CPUs named BlackChicken in Hard Mode, these bots are hard to counter as a beginner. They can dodge incoming attacks (including in the air, which could be a oversight), crouch, and jump in place to attack an enemy that gets too close to them.


These are things to know about the game that will help you on your way to be good at the game. Some of these tips are crucial to mastering the game.

  • Pause Exploit: Pausing two frames before an attack would hit will advance to the animation frame the hitbox comes out, but the hitbox itself will have no effect during the opened pause menu, meaning you can avoid the damage and knockback completely and retaliate your opponent. This also applies to the player. If the attack is scripted or functions in some way, like Andre's special move, it won't work. Use especially when you are about to be hit out of combos or special moves.
    • With good timing, you can even avoid getting hit by some multi-hit moves and escape them.
  • You can dodge Home-Run-Bat and Double Range's special by ducking under it. (This does not apply to Mr. Red.)
  • Crouching will leave opponents to stand by you, but they won't attack you until you enter your idle pose. (BlueBox Bots will ignore this feature and try to attack you out of it.) Mr. Red is an exception, unfortunately.
  • Horizontally, some attacks can be turned to face the other direction after a certain attack before it is followed up or if it's automatic, holding the opposite direction.
  • Holding Down + D in the air will make you shoot directly downward back to the ground. Use when you want to get back to the ground or strategize with aerial attacks.
  • Crouch Walking: Holding Down, then pressing right while still holding down/letting go of down while holding left will allow you to walk in a crouching state and with a crouching hitbox, causing no interference from enemies going towards you (This does not apply to Home-Run-Bat, Ninja, or Mr. Red.). Use when you want to be safe when approaching opponents.
    • As Andre, Yoyo and Crazy Jay, you can also do side attacks this way without the enemies hitting you when you're attacking.
  • Holding Up + pressing space as Home-Run-Bat on the ground will make him perform a much higher jump into the air, making it easy to get to enemies high in the arena.
  • Try experimenting with combos to get better with a character like Andre or Crazy Jay.
  • Crazy Jay's up attack follow-up will fill up the special bar very fast when hitting.
  • Some of Crazy Jay's combos involve holding down the attack button.
  • Mr. Slaptastic is an excellent character for beginners, so its recommended to use him.
  • Andre is very useful in Elimination +2.
  • Nearly every attack Andre has can follow up with his special move upon contact with an opponent.
  • Yoyo can just spam his up attacks and he will pretty much be unstoppable, unless the move catches 2 people (If that's the case, the second person may knock you out of the combo). While very effective, if done repeatedly, getting kills can be a relatively slow process.
  • Andre's side move, Down move kick, and thunder punch will only hit one person. Remember this when enemies are overlapping (like in Final Fight).


First 4 Way Battle: Pretty simple, should be able to beat easily. [Hard Mode: BlueBox is now a Follow Bot.]

1V1 Blue Box: BlueBox is more difficult in this game than the previous game. Mr. Slaptastic is recommended. [Hard Mode: He is now a Follow Bot.]

6 Way Game: A Free-For-All battle. This level is kind of difficult for a level this early on. SwordUpURAss (Double Range) is your main worry, as his special attack can kill multiple people very quickly, and his combos can hit multiple opponents at a time. Your second worry is Mr.ShaoDow - Grime (Ninja), as like SwordUpURAss (Double Range), his special attack can kill a lot of people, and he spams his side combos. Your third worry is Rice (Yoyo). He does pretty damaging combos but his special can be easily dodged. Your fourth worry is SwordUpURAss (Andre). He always stays in one place in the map and can't do specials, though his attacks do massive damage. Mr. Slaptastic is recommended to bring into this fight. [Hard Mode: SwordUpURAss (Andre) can do specials and won't stay in one spot.]

Slappy Vs Hammy: This is a 2v2 scenario. As Mr. Slaptastic, you are on the Slappy team with Balls, fighting against the Hammy team, Rice and Beens. [Hard Mode: Rice is now a Follow Bot, so help Balls whenever you can.]

Total War: Very easy; everyone is a Normal Bot and can't do specials and stays in one spot on the map. Mr. Red is recommended due to his speed and how vast the map is. [Hard Mode: Everyone is now a Follow Bot. Focus on DickSwett, Gesus, then Oneball and SesameStreet.]

1V1 Tri-Head: Seems hard at first, but all you need to do is keep hitting combos and dodge whenever it is necessary. [Hard Mode: BlackChicken is now a Monster Bot.]

2v2: Same scenario as Slappy vs Hammy, except you can use anyone. Yoyo is highly recommended for his exploit, though Mr. Slaptastic is a good choice as well. [Hard Mode: JackNDick is now a Monster Bot, and OldDirtyBasterd is a Follow Bot.]

Tag Kill: Everyone has 1 HP. Double Range can get rid of both enemies easily. [Hard Mode: The Home-Run-Bat is now a Monster Bot, and the Mr. Slaptastic is now a Follow Bot.]

One Man Army: Everyone but you will have 1 HP, and everyone is a team against you. Use same strategy as Tag Kill. [Hard Mode: Everyone is now a Follow Bot.]

Can you see the enemys?: Enemies are somewhat hidden, but the mission is still easy as they are Normal Bots. Mr. Red is recommended due to his speed and the vastness of the map. [Hard Mode: Mission is a lot more difficult as they are now Follow Bots.]

Elimination +2: You and your enemies have 3 lives. Once 0 lives it met, respawning is disabled for the fighter. Andre cannot die from the spikes, so it is recommended to use him here, though if you don't feel like cheating, Home-Run-Bat is a good choice here too. [Hard Mode: There is no difference.]

Death Players: You must have more kills than your enemies and survive for 5 minutes. Yoyo/Crazy Jay is recommended. [Hard Mode: There is no difference.]

Death Players 2: Same gimmick, but now a BlackChicken opponent is there. [Hard Mode: BlackChicken is now a Monster Bot.]

Final Fight: Two BlackChicken opponents as a team are after you. Double Range is recommended. [Hard Mode: BlackChicken with a circle head and pink square eyes is now a Monster Bot.]


  • On some websites with this game, there are major lag spikes that increase slightly in duration each time it stops and goes, eventually to the point of freezing up completely, making it unplayable on some of the sites.
    • Possibly, something the game is trying to process during activity is making the game have lag spikes or there are problems that the game has with the flash player in use itself. Still, the real reason for this is unknown, as it is inconsistent, though it may have something to do with the package files in the files of the game.
  • Home-Run-Bat can't crouch, which is an oversight. This is an oversight because BlackChicken, a Home-Run-Bat variant, will crouch on Hard Mode to dodge attacks. He even has a sprite for ducking, and the script for it is in the game, as it is used for everyone else, but it isn't included in the Home-Run-Bat object's code.
  • Mr. Red's hitbox for crouching is still the same as the regular standing hitbox, which is why he still gets hit by attacks.
  • Once a match starts, if there is any Mr. Slaptastic, Andre, Yoyo, or Ninja CPU in a battle, if they are launched by certain attacks, their state will not change or they will change to the jumping sprites for the character when hit twice in quick succession. This means they can instantly hit you back if you hit them. This bug stops when they die and respawn.
  • If you play Death Players, Death Players 2, or Final Fight as Yoyo, when you kill someone, the voice line for "Monster Kill" (When you get a kill streak of 8 in a row) will play every frame, amplifying and overlaying itself each time a new one plays, causing an earrape making players having to turn off sound.
  • Final Fight glitch (patched): In versions before 2.2(b), you couldn't win the Final Fight no matter what. If this happens to users now, then they are probably playing on a version before 2.2(b).
  • In Total War, 2v2, and One Man Army, the music for the level doesn't loop.
  • Andre's special: When you do Andre's special, (which is an insta-kill for anyone near it or the victim that got hit with the start-up hit) sometimes it will count as someone else's kill, presumably the last person before you that hit him. This even happens when you kill multiple people.
    • Some normal attacks have this problem too, like Ninja's Down attack, Yoyo's Down attack after grabbing with his side attack and some of Andre's attacks.
  • If you play Tag Kill as Mr. Red, his health bar will be at 100 HP once the match starts, instead of being set to 1 HP correctly like with everyone else.
    • Likewise, if you play One Man Army as Andre, Yoyo, Ninja, Crazy Jay or Mr. Red, their health will be set to 1 HP once the match starts.
  • When getting launched out of an attack animation as Andre or Yoyo, the trajectory will take place during the hitstun state instead of the launched state, and the knockback will be cut short because of this.
  • In versions before 2.2(b), trying to play as Andre in any level would leave you to be stuck in place, and no keys or directional inputs would do anything.
  • Crazy Jay's clone attacks aren't coded to be associated with Crazy Jay, meaning they are their own entities, so they won't increase your kill count if someone is killed by them.
  • In the level 2v2, if you play as Crazy Jay, DirtyToilet will not be your teammate and will actually attack you. You can also hit him, and turn it to a 1v1v2 since OldDirtyBasterd and JackNDick are still teammates.
  • When Ninja gets killed, he takes a much longer time to respawn than everyone else.
  • In Death Players 2, if you play as Ninja, he will not spawn and the enemies will run to the right and attack the wall.
    • Similarly, in Can you see the enemys?, if you play as Double Range, he will not spawn.
  • In Death Players 2, if you play as Mr. Red, BlackChicken will not notice you, although he can still hit you.
  • For some reason, when activating Ninja's special, you will be able to travel the whole map in the air by pressing on the space bar repeatedly while the special is activated.
  • Sometimes, you can't beat Elimination +2 no matter what because of the way that the kill counter works in this mission.
  • Monster Bots will sometimes not move and only jump.
  • Sometimes Final Fight on Hard Mode will not open up.


This is stuff found in the files for the game, usually viewable when decompiling the game. Some of these things are or can never be seen in normal gameplay.

There is an unused head and weapon for Home-Run-Bat (The weapon was used in Combat Tournament, but the head goes completely unused in both).

Home-Run-Bat Weapon 2.png
Unused Home-Run-Bat Head Sprite.png

Home-Run-Bat, Mr. Slaptastic and Yoyo all have jumping animation frames that can't be seen in-game. This is because frame 8 of Jump for Home-Run-Bat and Mr. Slaptastic and frame 4 of Jump for Yoyo are coded to stay on this animation frame, and not advance to any further animation frames when it is reached whilst in the Jump animation.

Jump (Home-Run-Bat).gif
Jump (Yoyo).gif
Jump (Mr. Slaptastic).gif

The Unused Attack 'N' Defend level in Combat Tournament Legends.

While the Attack 'N' Defend level was replaced, most of the data for it is actually still in the game. The level data was mostly copied from Combat Tournament. At some point however, progress with the level was abandoned, and its spot was taken by Can you see the enemys?. The spawnpoints and A.I. are surprisingly still in this game, but they weren't edited in any way to work more properly, which means the issues with said A.I. in the previous game made their way here too, more specifically, STAY DOWN refuses to do anything in type 2 of the map. Character-specific bugs from the previous game are also still here too, like Double Range being assigned to the Blue Team in type 2 of the map.

The level's aesthetic appearance (and object appearance of what is seen here) was worked on to fit with the new artstyle of the game, an example being the shield component crystal has a different look. There is also a timer set to end at 2:30 minutes, not included in its predecessor. Some of the level geometry can't be seen, though the collision for the map is the same as the previous game, but it seems to be a little off center in some parts of the map. Voice clips when starting the level are used here that are unused in the previous game. The game can also still softlock here.

The crystal in its normal state.

The crystal when it is destroyed.

The crystal when it is hit.

There are some other oddities. The level has no music. The level is quite laggy. There is a barrier where the breakable wall is that can't be breached unless you approach it with enough speed. Breaking the crystal doesn't spawn the second crystal at the top of the map. After 2:30 minutes is reached, the team that won the round is announced, then the "New assault starts in..." clip and voice clip plays, and as soon as the countdown begins after, it instantly switches to type 2 of the map. For some reason, Andre can actually spawn in this map, but Yoyo, Ninja, Crazy Jay and Mr. Red cannot due to the character sprite objects for them not included in the level frame.

There are 4 unused splash text animations. The first and second ones were obviously meant to be used if you have 1 or 2 more kills left to obtain in order for the match to end. The third and fourth ones are related to the kill streaks by getting a streak of kills at one time, which are also unused in Combat Tournament. They also have voice clips along with it. All four of these animations were never given a script to execute and appear in-game through certain actions, and thus, is why they are never seen.

1 More Kills To End The Match.gif
2 More Kills To End The Match.gif

The voice clip associated with this animation

The voice clip associated with this animation

There is an unused shape that was meant to be used in the level select screen on the 3rd page for the last option available: Final Fight. But for some reason, it isn't shown here. This is used in Combat Tournament. This just leaves the gameplay screenshot and the "BURNER" text above it when seen in-game. Due to this decision, this shape goes unused.

Final Fight.png

There is a full bitmap image of Tony the Tiger in the game's files, which is also used for the unused head sprite of Double Range. Tony the Tiger is TonytheTock's name of origin.

Unused Double Range head sprite.

Tony the Tiger image found in the game's files

How it appears on Double Range in-game.


*Note* Most of the music used from Xenogenocide are altered in pitch here.

  • Epicity by Xenogenocide (Main Menu)
  • Evil E Tuned Guitar of Doom by Xenogenocide (Tutorial)
  • Gerudo Valley Remix by DjEphixa (First 4 Way Battle)
  • Serious Sam The First Encounter - Dunes (1V1 Blue Box, 1V1 Tri-Head, Tag Kill, and Final Fight)
  • Serious Sam The First Encounter - Final Fight (6 Way Battle)
  • A Light In the Dark of Destruction by HalcyonicFalconX (Slappy vs Hammy and 2v2)
  • DnB Collab By HalcyonicFalconX (Total War and One Man Army)
  • Frozenheart - Dungeon Fighter Online Ost (Can you see the enemys?)
  • Twist of Fate by Kenji Yamamoto (Elimination +2)
  • Ghent Outskirts: Boss - Dungeon Fighter Online Ost (Death Players)
  • Reach Equilibrium by Xenogenocide (Death Players 2 and Vs Mode)