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Cody , The Limbo Master ,is a grey stickman or Rock Hard Gladiator with a black scarf.His hair changes depending at what form he's in.He usually at low profile, so not much or no people knows about him. Dispite that, he is kind, honest and dislike cheaters.He always fight fair and won't kill his opponent.If opponent had the intention to kill, then he had the intention to do so as well.


As a master of Limbo, he use shadow, darkness, and light magic.He can also summon the "Limbo Beast" to help him in some battle.He can change into various different form that give him different abilities.He is strong enough to punch through a building made of reinforce metal, tough enough to survive a sky attack by a jet(which is in his to do list, ya pretty weird) and fast enough to outrun a speedster running at mach 10.He strength, durability, and speed changes depends on his different forms.With shadow, darkness, and light magic in his atc ,he created different move that be used on combat, transportation, or defense.

Cody's different fusion form

First one(red lighting+blue air),Second(aqua tornado), Third (light+air), Fourth (crimson thunder),Final(dark shadow)

Elements forms

First(fire),second(water), third (lighting),Fourth(air),final(shadow)

Fighting Styles

He analysises his opponent's fighting style and abilities combat and come up with a     strategy to counter them.This is easy for him as he can gain information from the opponent by just looking at their shadow.So fighting him at night is more effective.He uses his blade only at opponent which strength, durability or speed is at the same or higher level than him.He changes fighting base on his opponent's abilities or fighting style.This also makes him unpredictable.He also have elemental forms but he doesn't use them unless facing a opponent that have a elemental advantage on him.The fusions is only used in critical situations.


 Cody was born in a village located in a secret location. The village was populated by limbo user which were nearly extinct due to the great war.Cody live happily there with his father, Victor and mother,Sarina. When he was 9 year old, the village was suddenly attack by a unknown organization as the organization sees the people in the village was a threat to their plan as they processes great power(limbo).In the process of killing the villagers,the villagers fought back but overwhelmed by the soldier of the organization.His father and mother was killed trying to protect Cody from harm.As Cody was standing by his dead parents, surrounded by the soldiers, a burst of anger rages within him and awake his power beyond imagination. The power killed all living things in and around the village, create a desolated land. As Cody was the survivor, he made a grave for his dead parents and villager. He took off with his father's scarf to seek revenge on the organization..........


None yet anyways......


Cody was created on 17 June 2018.