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Chuck (CHək) is one of the original Rock Hard Gladiators created by EndosTV. He was a competitor for the RHG tournament back in the Fluidanims Era. Chuck is a tall, thin, black stick figure, wearing a long red headband. He is usually seen carrying his nunchucks with him everywhere. He sorta looks like Yuken (a stick figure version of Ryu in Street Fighter) without boxing glove

Background Story

Not much is known about Chuck's past before joining the RHG.

[Lost info]


  1. vs Echo - WIN (Forfeit)
  2. vs FLLFFL - WIN (Unanimous Decision)


  • Chuck & Yoyo are good friends. They both competed together on the Dual Death Course collaboration, but were unsuccessful.
  • Chuck is a boss character in Slush Tile Rush by Gildedguy.
  • Chuck may be a business man, as seen in the beginning of Chuck vs Alfa
  • Chuck can act a little coo-coo at moments
  • Chuck is one of the few people who have ever beaten FLLFFL