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Chuck (CHək) is one of the original Rock Hard Gladiators created by EndosTV. He was a competitor for the RHG tournament back in the Fluidanims Era. Chuck is a tall, thin, black stick figure, wearing a long red headband. He is usually seen carrying his nunchucks with him everywhere. He sorta looks like Yuken (a stick figure version of Ryu in Street Fighter) without boxing glove.

Background Story

Not much is known about Chuck's past before joining the RHG.

[Lost info]


  • Nunchucks
  • Fire magic - with which he can use flame attacks.
  • Ninja/Trickster Style


Chuck has a problem dealing with water, he hates it. Anything with the water element will give him a hard time. Also if Chuck's ninja head band is destroyed, he will be stripped of his powers.


Once Chuck turned 10 years old, his grandfather presented Chuck with a dark red head band, and a pair of unique nunchukau. Chuck was then abandoned and had to bring himself up. His rage motivated him to train with his nunchucks everyday and as soon as he turned 18, he was gifted with the element of fire. Now at the age of 21, Chuck has become a master at both the nunchukau and the element of fire. His source of power lies within the magical headband.


  1. vs Jomm (Unofficial)
  2. vs Echo - WIN  (LOST AND REJECTED)
  3. vs FLLFFL - WIN (Unanimous Decision)


  • Chuck & Yoyo are good friends. They both competed together on the Dual Death Course collaboration, but were unsuccessful.
  • Chuck is a boss character in Slush Tile Rush by Gildedguy.
  • Chuck may be a business man, as seen in the beginning of Chuck vs Alfa
  • Chuck can act a little coo-coo at moments
  • Chuck is one of the few people who have ever beaten FLLFFL.
  • His (Endo) first character was Boomer (FA). His abilities are like Aori's

vs Tongue - WIN (His version)


But his first character was Legend.

Colour: #009999


Harnessing 3 Elements in one sword. Fire, Ice and Lightning.


Separating Legend from his Elementor Sword with drain his power an he will be useless. Using a certain surrounding against his element can be effective aswell. E.g Kick him into a puddle whilst he is in Lightning mode. lol


Legend was sent down from the heavens by God to be rid of the worlds evils. Once Legend heard that Shiftlimits was holding a gladiator battle ground, he immediately entered sensing the evil that was lurking within.


Boomer vs Tongue