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Double Slap-Bat Double Slap-Bat 30 December 2020

Combat Tournament and Combat Tournament Legends Videos Complete!

After starting doing videos for the two games, starting at Recording4 all the way up to Recording317, the videos are now complete and ready for editing to include text and slow motion, and then uploaded to YouTube! The edited versions of the videos will mostly include explanations of how some interesting thing happens, such as a glitch or oversight that people mostly don't know about, such as the pause exploits in both games. They may also have text depicting characters interacting with each other, like "OUCH!" or "Hey, back off!" or "Not a chance!". The player-controlled character also has a personality to them seen within some of the text; For example, Home-Run-Bat will be very fun-loving and cocky, and Double Range will have this calm, c…

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Hydro Rabbit Hydro Rabbit 8 July 2020


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Hydro Rabbit Hydro Rabbit 11 April 2020

some painting

some painting from Apr. 1 to Apr. 10

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Ui max fain Ui max fain 22 October 2019

Ui stick max

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Huntermygal Huntermygal 8 September 2019

Can someone help me?

I've started looking over the wiki, but I'm not sure if some of the article's mistakes are truly mistakes, so please help me clean up the wiki and add more articles as there are appalling amounts of gaps where there should be articles, and I really don't have the time to do it all myself, so yeah, please help me.

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Trascend Trascend 23 June 2019

Need halp

If anyone knows their way around actionscript 2. Please message me. Need help dealing with code.

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NeoRealityArtist NeoRealityArtist 23 April 2019

BFB Cross Tag Battle

  • 1 The Story Intro
  • 2 How to Play(It's not a Real Game actually)
  • 3 Characters Participated
  • 4 Stages

In the World of BFB and Inanimate Insanity came to visit each other, Meanwhile in Starcrafts where Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg are still fighting to play, In the World of Stick Figures, The Second Coming meets Henry Stickmin in Noogai3's Computer, While in Plants vs Zombies Dimension, Crazy Dave was gardening his Plants and yet no Zombie Invasion, Suddenly all four Portals appeared on different Dimensions, they are ready to brave enough to go forward... They realized they went into a Keystone Tag Fighting Tournament to Survive and Win!

It consists of Game Style Mechanics combined with BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Notes: Itali…

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Trascend Trascend 5 February 2019


Lol, I made Combat Tournament Legends popular on the wiki.

Edit:I'm VegasFest56 brother and I used to do edits on his account.

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Mia writes Mia writes 28 November 2018


Hello I'm Mia Writes (I'm known as Mia Animation/Splatau) 

I write all about my people that I've made, called oc, I don't really like saying oc so I say characters. 

On what I look like, I only describe what I look like on fandoms/fantasy 

Basically in the fantasy world, I'm a black stickman(I'm not being racsit) with teal hair(So I'm a girl, judging by my profile) 

I'm not going to write much. 

So peace 

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MinecraftSmashAnims MinecraftSmashAnims 1 March 2018

Cave Outpost: A Stickman Cave Story Parody (SIGNUPS)

Sign Up Here!

Note: Your Character Can Have A Weapon. Comment Below To Sign Up!

Sign Up Needed Stuff:








Picture Of Weapon

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MinecraftSmashAnims MinecraftSmashAnims 25 October 2017


I'm Planning To Make Xeaf.

Xeaf Is Green, With Magenta Eyes (Although Still A Good Guy/Hero).

Comment The Best Picture For Xeaf!

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Kavaran3000 Kavaran3000 22 October 2017


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Team DJ Kill Team DJ Kill 12 October 2017

Portal Runners

Portal Runners Is A Timed Competition Where Good Guys And Bad Guys Team Up To Find The Portal In Time Fighting A Golem. The Portal Is Located Behind The Golem. After The First Portal, You Gotta Go Inside Him Then Avoid Rocky Contents Inside Him. Then, GO IN THE PORTAL (Before That You Fight A Boss Named "Rocky Content Golem")!

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MikeTastic MikeTastic 8 October 2017

SP Wiki UPDATE: November 2017

Okay, before we begin I just want to make this clear to everyone, Youlanda and I are not in a relationship, I know right?! Said no one. You enjoyed that joke, no? Sorry, let's skip the poor written introductory and get to the nitty-gritty, shall we? I'm Mike your bureaucrat for Stickpedia and here are a few changes in Stick Page Wiki.

Notice anything different? Yes, we changed colors! went through stages, like you growing up; from a hard blue only a mother would love to an aged tone down dark saturated blueish I think that's what its called... Look I just color-pick the damn website and did my best to replicate the theme here, okay? No one's perfect.

Updated water-mark, favicon (easter egg), and added header graphic; just to make …

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LavarasRHG5000 LavarasRHG5000 1 September 2017

Be A Obstacle Course Runner!

Comment Your Character To Join The Obstacle Course!


  • Must Be Creative Animator
  • Character Cannot Be Invincible
  • Must Include Picture


  • Characters Can Be A Duo
  • Characters Can Have Weapons And Abilities (Even Accessories!)


  1. Lavaras
  2. Voodoo
  3. Kyler
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. ???
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. ???
  10. ???
  11. ???
  12. ???
  13. ???
  14. ???
  15. ???
  16. ???
  17. ???
  18. ???
  19. ???
  20. ???
  21. ???
  22. ???
  23. ???
  24. ???
  25. ???
  26. ???
  27. ???
  28. ???
  29. ???
  30. ???
  31. ???
  32. ???
  33. ???
  34. ???
  35. ???
  36. ???
  37. ???
  38. ???
  39. ???
  40. ???
  41. ???
  42. ???
  43. ???
  44. ???
  45. ???
  46. ???
  47. ???
  48. ???
  49. ???
  50. ???
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LavarasRHG5000 LavarasRHG5000 31 August 2017

Ask Lavaras Anything!

Lavaras: Welp, Welcome To The QA With Me!

Lavaras: I'm A 20 Year Old RHG, So I Battle My Enemies!

Lavaras: I  Really Am A ZetaFan And I Like Jade.

Voodoo: Feel Free To Ask Lavaras Anything!

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FlameSword333 FlameSword333 7 August 2016

Umbrella - How He Came To Be

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Resh. He had this radiation disease that he inherited from his mother. His father was a soldier working for the military.

One day, his family had began falling apart when Resh and his dad received a message that his mother was dying from her radiation disease. They rushed to the hospital, where she was about to die. Resh had no choice but to watch his own mother die before his eyes.

Resh was torn up about his mother's death. But his dad told him: "You can be anyone you want to be, no matter the odds." But that changed when his dad got killed in a war.

Resh, even when he moved in with his uncle and cousins, remembered what his dad had said. He idolized his dad. He wanted to be his dad. That time would co…

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FlameSword333 FlameSword333 4 August 2016

Hi there!

Hey, it's me, FlameSword! I've created my first blog here. I haven't edited much on this wiki because it would take up WAY too much of my time to do so. I've fixed some spelling/grammar errors and added some stuff to RHG pages. I hope whoever reads this likes what I did! Cheers! ~FlameSword333

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