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Blazonkey is an Official Dojo Duelist created by BlazeYang.


He is rather quiet and unobtrusive. He likes the solitude and is always ready to help any person whom he finds sympathetic and friendly. He gets angry very fast and will not hesitate to kick the ass of his enemies.

Character Bio

Blazonkey comes from the BlackWatch. Since childhood he was interested in technology and science. What interested him the most was magic. He admired the MicFortress faction and his powerful magic. He trained with swords to surpass the MicFortress's wizards. He forged his own sword made of adamantite. But what he needed was magic. One day Blazonkey perceives a man in the street with a jar filled with the magic of the Red Moon which came from another world. Blazonkey decided to follow him and steal the jar. Don't know how to use it, he placed it on a table in his training room. He broke the jar by accident during a sword training. The tip of his sword shone bright red that suddenly became dark and changed its color to black. The hand that held the sword began to ignite a red flame. He was surprised by the absence of pain in his hand. He realized he could now use magic. Shortly after, he left the BlackWatch to developed his magic and sword technique in the Magdurus Mountains.

Weapon / Power

Name of Weapon

Dark Moon: Blazonkey uses a powerful sword made of dark adamantite which has drained all the magic of the Red Moon

Name of Power

  • Lunar Meteor: Summons 5 balls of astral energy and shoots it at his enemies
  • Lunar Bomb: Shoots a huge mass of astral energy which blows up on any contact with enemies
  • Lunar Blaze: Shoots fast astral energy
  • Lunar Wave: Throws powerful energy with a simple slash of his sword


  • He has good reflexes
  • He is very fast
  • He has good agility
  • He can see in the darkness


  • He can't swim
  • He doesn't like the cold
  • He doesn't have good defense
  • He gets tired easily

Duelist Statistics

Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History: None