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He is a black stickman who is part of the Rock hard Gladiators who uses a bucket to defeat enemies. Even though he has lost to FLLFFL in his only battle in RHG he is still good and is not doubted to be a powerful RHG! His creator is Zee.


vs FLLFFL - LOSS (Prove)


His prevoius character was ex-2 (Nupp). And his nexts characters are A.C. and Gel.

name: ex-2


Can turn any limb on his body into any weapon that exists


has no common sense, will fight no matter what, even if it is gravely dangerous


1000 years in the future, the earth is at war with a mostly unknown planet called shiftlimits. there are many strange gladiators on this planet, with powers galore. he was originally a gladiator killed in battle, but scientists rebuilt his body to be snap adaptive and extremely powerful. (not to mention able to turn his limbs into any weapon he chooses) however, before the completion of the operation on his body, the base was attacked by the shiftlimits gladiator army. because of this, the scientist never had the chance to put in the function-246-89328, or, the common sense chip. during the battle, the head scientist sent him 1000 years into the past, to find and kill 1 agent from the planet shiftlimits. and destroy him, ending the war a millenium before it started. this of course, would destroy him also. nevertheless, he searches the past looking for one key agent, destroying as many needed in his way...

age:-1000 yrs


vs Terantula (Oni-Meh) - ???