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BB is a black stickman who is part of the Rock Hard Gladiators and is good friends with Velox member, PH. BB uses a sharp yellow colored blade to defeat enemies with. BB's name stands for Burrito Bloomer.


  • The burrito bloomer has a burrito which can turn to ANY size to his command and if it is cut or destroyed it can re-generate (the burrito, NOT him) He can squeese the burrito and greese or beef can fly from the burrito like a cannon (He chooses whether beef or greese comes out). He is also quite skilled at hand to hand combat.


The burrito bloomer can only take a bit more damage then any normal human. The burrito takes time to re charge from the greese/beef cannon and the burrito itself takes time to regenerate as well.


One day Jhonny bahama was walking down the road to pinapple express when he came across a baby with the body of a sunflower and the face of a monkey and the legs of a baby and the arms of a lion. Jhonny asked if he could have a present, thus the baby exploded into a fiery manly burrito of manly burrito passion. He was given magical powers to control the size of the burrito. He thus made the burrito and rolled through the streets with earth flying everywhere. They then grew up together. One day, jhonny was so hungry at one point that he took a nibble of his best buddy, burrito. It was on that day that he figured out his burrito buddy could regenerate, He then made the burrito giant and flew off into the sunset And made his name the burrito bloomer. He then conquered oklahoma.