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Arzon is a gray Duelist. He has won 3 duels in a row until Matilda broke Arzon's streak. Arzon is now entering season 2 of dojo duels after dueling with Angous.

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  • Wind Manipulation: Allows him to manipulate wind around him.

Wind Technique

Arzon has a list of wind techniques that he uses in against his opponents.

Typhoon Sphere

Alternate Names: Typhoon Ball, Spherical Gale

- Creates a ball-shaped wind and attacks enemy by hitting or throwing it to enemy. It has a great chance to stun or spin the enemy.

Typhoon Drill

Alternate Names: Typhoon Cone

- Creates a drill-shaped wind with his hand(s) and attacks enemy. He can make 2 drills at the same time with both hands. In larger or more powerful form, it has a great chance to make a hole in enemy's body.

Typhoon Punch

Alternate Names: Lambasting Cyclone, Tornado Fist

- Creates a small tornado on his hand(s) and punches enemy with it or shoots it to enemy.

Whirlwind Hover

Alternate Names: Typhoon Ride

- Creates a small whirlwind under him which helps him fly to the air or increases speed. Losing concentration will eliminate this technique.

Blowing Storm

Alternate Names: Wind Gust, Gale Blow

- Creates a strong wind with his mouth or hand and blows anything near its way

Typhoon Vortex

Alternate Names: Tornado, Spinning Gale

- Creates a vortex of wind. He can use it as a shield or helping him to fly.

Typhoon Shield

Alternate Names: Cyclone Armor - Creates a sphere or vortex of wind which protects him from enemy attacks. Massive things, and Fire will make this technique useless.

Wind Dash

- He can dash quickly using his wind. Really effective to dodge enemy attacks

Wind Cleave

Alternate Names: Wind Crescent, Crescent Gale

- Creates crescent-shaped wind with his hand(s) that slashes the enemy.

Typhoon Disks

Alternate Names: Wind Chakram(s)

- Creates a disk(s) of wind and slashes the enemy.

Storm Slash

Alternate Names: Storm Cutter, Slashing Gale Blow - A Blowing Storm that causes slashing effect to enemy

Cyclone Suction

Alternate Names: Inhaling Tornado, Typhoon Rush, Absorbent Gale

- Creates a tunnel or vortex of wind that sucks enemy into it

Wind Needle

- Creates a needle-shaped wind which able to cut through enemy's body.

Wind Boomerangs

- Has the same function like Typhoon Disk, but has an ability to return to user's hand


  • Strong against lightning, since wind is nature insulator of lightning
  • High Speed and Responsiveness
  • Good in melee and remote attack
  • Can turn into rage mode named "Typhoon Rage". He only uses this when he's in danger or in emergency situation and when he meets the person that he hates. Also, he can use the uncompleted version of Typhoon Rage as you can see in his Dojo Duel #2 and #3


  • There's 11% chance that he loses his responsiveness. The chance can increase to 16% if he fights against duelist that has high speed.
  • Most of his wind techniques have low to mid damage (in small to medium form. in large form, they have heavy damage)
  • He's not in his full potential when he fights against female duelist. Only when emergency.
  • Typhoon Rage can be stopped if Arzon is too tired or hit him with heavy damage.
  • Weak against fire, sesame wind bender, and higher level of electricity.
  • Cute Female Duelist, causes him to reduce Attack a little bit
  • Wink, causes him to lose concentration for few minutes
  • Human weaknesses.
  • Vacuum.


Pretty Quiet and Sensitive, Kind, Ambitious, Helpful, and Serious. He never uses swear words when he's angry or mad.


Arzon is just a 15 years old guy who can manipulate wind around him. When he was a kid, Arzon lived with his father and mother in a city named Zash City and then moved to Hazzle City. Then his parents left him in Hazzle when he was 12 because there's a war against Dark Ogrits Group in Zash City. His father went there to join a war and thankfully he was still alive after the war, but he had to live there because the city needed him. His mother overtake her husband to join the war, but she was mysteriously lost, which made Arzon worried about his mother's condition. Now, he is living alone in his parents' house. In fact, he can fulfill his necessity because his father helps him in a far distance. Sometimes, he has to do training to increase his wind manipulating abilities.

He knew about Dojo Duel from his teammate, Creize. Creize told him that there's Dojo Duel which was held in Cier. Arzon got excited and decided to go to Cier and joined Dojo Duel. He won several duels so far, which made him proud of his power.


vs Drent - WON (Poll)

vs Ajazel - WON by Deafult


vs Blazonkey - LOSS (Poll)

vs Cade - WON (Forteit) (Poll)

vs Nyem - LOSS (Poll)

vs Matilda - LOSS (Poll)

vs Cairis - WON (Tournament)

vs Main Character - WON (Tournament)

vs Time Havoc - LOSS (Tournament) (Forteit)

vs Bams - WON (Poll)

vs Angous - LOSS (Poll)

vs Lemon - LOSS (Poll)

Arzon vs Lucien - LOSS (Poll) (Comic)