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Apocalypse Day is a 2020 Chinese science fiction, action, adventure, short, animated, indie film directed by DC-INK. The film sets off in a dystopian world where Keriotheca Technology, a megacorporation led by Wither, has almost conquered the world. Rumor has it that their indomitable humanoid weapon, Nation Guardians, has the power to destroy the world. However, not everybody is fond of Wither's ruling. Bijou and the resistance force attempt to sneak into one of Keriotheca Tech's buildings to steal the "Testing Machine" to find everyone's family and identity.


The film starts on a subway where Bijou fought against Grapple Troops to infiltrate one of Keriotheca's buildings to obtain the Testing Machine, a machine used to collect and analyze traits from embryos. Along the way, Bijou also fought against security forces inside the building and AI Guardians in a hallway.

Meanwhile, at a Keriotheca Technology Press Conference, Muffin gives a speech on Wither's behalf. Muffin gives a short anecdotal on the four Nation Guardians that have "liberated" 80% of the world. Muffin then announced that Nation Guardians would be available for purchase to "liberate" the rest of the remaining 20%; the price of a Nation Guardian would be 1,000,000 newborn children. Muffin threatens the Resistance Force and gives them 24 hours to end their own lives. Otherwise, they would eradicate them along with anyone associated with them and their genes.

After fighting against multiple enemies and sustaining injuries, Bijou has arrived at the Testing Machine. The Testing Machine was open, but after scanning Bijou's body for identification, it shielded up. Bijou attempts to shoot at the shield to break it but fails. The Testing Machine then tasks Bijou to input the password with the assistance of Tsao to retrieve it. However, Bijou has limited time because a Nation Guardian will arrive in 1 minute to confront the intruder. Bijou has successfully input the password, but an ID was required in which she has failed to give. One minute has passed, one of the Nation Guardians arrived, introducing the First-Generation Nation Guardian, INK.

After INK's arrival, he sits down to smoke and gives Bijou his ID card. Bijou questions INK's actions as to why he's not fighting her. INK responded that he is resigning his position as a Nation Guardian because he claims that they will replace him with another Nation Guardian that is more powerful than him. Bijou mockingly accepts this and scans INK's ID card but fails due to insufficient ID permissions. As a result, more security forces arrived to shoot at Bijou. Fortunately, INK protected Bijou and deflected and destroyed all of the bullets, security forces, and the wall at the side of the building with one punch surprising her. INK assists Bijou by taking the Testing Machine and carrying her back to the Resistance Force Shelter.

Bijou and INK arrived back at the Resistance Force Shelter. Some members threatened INK, including one member who pointed a sleeping ray gun at him, for being here, but Bijou defends him for choosing the Resistance's side. INK takes the sleeping ray gun and shoots himself with it, putting him asleep.

At the Resistance Force Shelter with the Testing Machine and an unexpected guest in their hands, members began to plan to achieve their next objective. A child refugee also appeared and became a new member of the resistance force. The child was formerly part of the "combat potential" group from Keriotheca, where she escaped from all by herself.

A flashback emerges that shows Wither along with his security troops and people climbing on a barbed-wire fence. Moments later, in the flashback, Wither and the security troops opened fire at the people, killing them. The flashback ends, but the little girl gets comforted.

Tsao has fixed the Testing Machine. Bijou is the first one to test out to find her biological parents. She scans her hand, but the Testing Machine malfunctioned as INK's ID card had a tracking device contacting a second Nation Guardian. Tsao warns the entire group to prepare to evacuate and prepare for battle. Tsao also warns Bijou that she is the only one to spy on Wither now but warns her not to engage in combat. The Resistance Force Shelter got blown up by the second Nation Guardian's arrival, WAR. Fortunately, everyone survived.

After the impact, the Resistance Force began to engage in combat against WAR. Unfortunately, they did not leave a scratch on it. Afterward, INK began to fight against WAR with impacts and destruction throughout the city. Eventually, Bijou got involved by shooting at WAR's eye to blind it and giving INK an advantage. After Bijou engaged in INK's fight with WAR, she got caught in a net and got herself captured by Keriotheca Technology. Bijou wakes up from a truck parked in the plains. There, she sees Wither teaching a group of children with a red book. The scene ends with Wither's mouth saying something, but it is unclear what he said. The film ends with the Testing Machine giving results of Bijou's paternal relationship with Wither positive.

Animation Techniques

Apocalypse Day uses Shōnen Jump anime-styled animations in order to animate fight scenes. However, in two scenes with Bijou when she broke into Keriotheca, traditional stick figure animation-styles was used.



Ink Color




  • Xue Xiong

Voice Actors

  • Jun Jun Jun Qing (Bijou)
  • Zhen La Ji (INK)


The old and first trailer for Apocalypse Day was released on YouTube on March 4, 2018. The development team used someone else's open-world story to base on the old trailer.[1] However, DC-INK has stopped collaborating with them for an unknown reason and restarted the project altogether.

On October 2, 2020, the developers released a new trailer for the Apocalypse Day film on the Hyun's Dojo website and later released on YouTube on October 19, 2020.

The team released the film on Bilibili on October 15, 2020.


If Apocalypse Day won the 【2020小宇宙新星计划】(2020 Small Universe Rising Star Project) and obtain enough funding, then they will make an animated sequel to the film.[2] Apocalypse Day has won second place in the 【2020小宇宙新星计划】(2020 Small Universe Rising Star Project) and was awarded with the Silver Award.[3]

Apocalypse Day has at least 1,000,000 views on Bilibili and 4,500 reviews on the Hyun's Dojo website.


The Resistance Force


The main protagonist of the film. She is a member of the Resistance Force and was tasked on the mission to obtain the Testing Machine. Bijou also likes to use duel wielded handguns, have instinctive talent in combat and marksmanship. People often forget that she’s only 16 years as she's one of the top assaulters of the resistance force. Bijou always voluntarily accept missions, for some unknown reasons.


One of the defect specimens from Keriotheca, has been involved with most of Keriotheca systems designing and programming, including the construction of the Testing Machine. Turns out to be pretty reliable although he's shown the opposite. Tsao is not fond of Knife always trying to doodle on the remaining places of the board.


A dark blue stick figure that is able to manipulate flames and lava.


A gray stick figure with sky blue eyes and is a tech person, laid back, confident and chill.


A light brown stick figure known to be the smallest engineer of the group.


A dark gray stick figure that highly relies on his weapon, needs it to attack and sustain life.


A black stick figure known to be the friendly big uncle.


A black stick figure with blue eyes. She is a hyperactive girl that likes to doodle, has a second personality.


A green stick figure that is a manipulator of some green slimy substance.


A four-eyed normal blue guy with abnormal mollusk limbs.


A very dark gray stick figure with a white cap. Known to be Tsao's assistant and the talkative messenger crow.



The leader of Keriotheca Technology and a man of the world. Nobody knows what's the usage of his gigantic "goat horns", nor the intention behind all of what he has done that has changed the world, but he is very well known for the cruelty he displayed to the citizens.


A pink stick figure that carries a cup everywhere she goes. Also has the heart of a snake. Her personal information is highly classified, the reason is unknown.


A stick figure that takes the appearance of an anthropomorphic blue wolf. Unable to tell their gender by their looks. Will do anything extreme for their “research”. Has a surprisingly frank personality.

Nation Guardians

INK (Former)

One of the four first-generation Nation Guardians that Keriotheca used to conquer the world, has really OP destructive power and self-healing skill. He is only interested in fighting and smoking.

  • Physical Abilities
    • Unparalleled Strength: INK possesses seemingly limitless physical strength shown where he is capable of effortlessly defeating multiple security forces and destroying a part of the Keriotheca Tech with a single punch (although this strength is not limited to punches).
    • Invulnerability: INK can withstand blows from extremely powerful beings, such as WAR, and even claims that not even he can injure himself without suffering a single scratch or feeling any pain.
    • Enhanced Leap: INK can leap towards great distances leaving a shockwave as a result.
    • Self-Healing: INK is able to regenerate.[4]
  • Equipment
    • Battle Axe: INK posses an axe that has a barrel within it that can shoot large explosives. It can also return to INK at his will.


WAR is created by Keriotheca Technology based on the First-Generation Nation Guardians. Besides his computer-generated roars, nobody knows if he really has self-conscious, nor if it really causes damage to him when attacking besides the sound of metal clanging


People on the train

People riding on the train.

Just people riding on the train during the beginning of the film.

Security forces

Troops of Keriotheca, equipped with standard rifles and sometimes rocket launchers and riot shields. Deployed all around the area, usually act in a group of ten. Their equipment makes them suitable for multiple tactics. All leaders have a different color uniform.

The blue troops. More common than the light red troops.

Reference of the light red security troops.

AI Guardian

Deployed right outside of the “breeding room”, equipped with thermal swords. With Keriotheca’s AI tech, those robot’s movements are precise and effective. Because of their insane power consumption, they need to be deployed with their corresponding charging devices.

Grapple Troops

The shock troops appeared during Bijou's infiltration, code name "swarm". Every grapple troops are equipped with jetpacks and two sets of grappling hooks. Numbers of troops had their equipment malfunctioning without reason during their mission of capturing Bijou.


Resistance Force Shelter

A concept sketch of what the Resistance Force Shelter looks like.

A shelter located underneath Wither's base where the Resistance Force resides. It was later destroyed by First-Generation Nation Guardian, WAR.

White Board

The White Board in the Resistance Force Shelter.

The board is generally used by everybody to plan ahead before action or just to record general information.

Keriotheca Tech "Wither Mansion"

The Wither Mansion

Keriotheca Technology's signature building. It is by the far the largest building in Apocalypse Day.

Keriotheca Tech "Breeding Room"

One of Keriotheca Technology's standard office building and the location of the biological cultivation system. The place Bijou was infiltrating is this place's "Breeding Room", and in front of her was Keriotheca Technology's defense system.

Testing Machine

The Testing Machine at the Resistance Force Shelter.

The Testing Machine is a machine made by Keriotheca Technology that takes in the data of genes and DNA from people and their relatives. Most of its functions are extracting embryos for testing, boost the gene mutation and selecting traits. As the parent-child relationship is necessary for the research, the Testing Machine contains an unknown number of civilian information which has become the target of Resistance Force.



  • INK and WAR are the only Nation Guardians that appear in the film.
  • Apocalypse Day will eventually be uploaded to YouTube a month after the competition. The current status is unknown as the animation has yet to be uploaded.[5]
  • A trailer for Apocalypse Day 2 was released on April 1, 2021 but was a Rick-Rolled attempt and an April Fool's prank instead.[6]
  • The budget for Apocalypse Day was ¥0.[7]
  • It is undecided whether another sequel will be produced.[8]
  • Almost every member of the Resistance Force can fight except Snakie and Tsao.[9]
  • When free, members of the Resistance Force have their own way of entertaining themselves such as playing poker, mahjong, and watching RHG and Dojo Duels.[10]
  • It took 10 and a half months to animate the entire film.[11]
  • The development team used multiple animation software and Flash 8 to animate this film.[12]
  • The scene where Bijou sees Wither reading a book with children is Di Tzu Kui, a real life Chinese book of philosophy.
  • WAR is the tallest character in the film.


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