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Aori is a purple stickman with cool purple lightning powers and is part of the Rock hard Gladiators. He is also the same exact person as Vex.


Has a mechanism built into his hand allowing him to shoot short pulses of energy which repel anything nearby - Excellent at hand-to-hand combat BERSERK - Aori trades tactics and common sense for a massive increase in pulse power and physical speed, strength, and stamina.


Aori started out as a computer program written in assembly language. As humans and their technology grew, so did he. In 1988, Dr. Howard Eisenbaum succeeded in giving the A0R1 program artificial intelligence equivalent to that of a cockroach. Day and night, Dr. Eisenbaum worked on his program, teaching it morals and how to live. Eventually its knowledge grew to the level of a toddler, and Dr. Eisenbaum knew that his work was done. In 2006, Dr. Eisenbaum suffered a terrible lab accident and passed away. On his death bed, he told his nephew, Daniel Eisenbaum, about his project. Although he was only twelve at the time, Daniel knew what had to be done. He worked for years on the a0 project, developing its intelligence and creating an artificial shell. Then, a decade later, a0 was complete. From that day, Daniel taught a0 how to live a normal life, and how to protect his master from harm. They were inseparable. But one day, Daniel collapsed from a horrible disease. He was unable to move, and dying fast. a0 took him to a nearby hospital, and the doctor's did everything they could, but it was not enough. On his deathbed, Daniel spoke to a0. "I am not much longer for this world. You have been a friend and companion to me, a0. I will never forget you in death. However, there is one last thing I must ask you to do. There is...another Eisenbaum. Find him, and tell him this:" As Daniel struggled to get his last words out, a0 gripped his hand tightly. "I'm...sorry..." The monitor Daniel was hooked up to emitted a harsh ringing sound. The jagged bumps disappeared. He had died. And thus, a0 embarked on an epic journey fated to lead him across the world. Searching for the relative of the man who had cared for him his entire functional life.


The force mechanism needs a short recharge period after each use, disallowing continuous pulses - NOTE: Demo 1 shows INCORRECT usage of repulsion. In order to propel himself, Aori's hand must be pointing towards something, be it a wall, a person, water, etc. It will not work otherwise!



Aori using his powers