Animator verus animation is an intersting Animatorvsanimationanimation by Alan Becker about an adobe flash animation project which goes horribly wrong in so many ways when the animator ends up accidentally releases a stick person from the boundaries of the animation.


Somebody creates a new document, draws a stick person, goes to the action box, and names it "victim". Once the stickman is renamed, he attempts to move around before realizing that he is stuck in the picture modification box. Irritated, he sits down and is gets really angry when the animator flips him upside down. Then, everything goes wrong. The animator attempts tho crush Victim with an anvil which insteads releases him from his confines. Now free, the stick person manages to cause total chaos by messing with the toolbar and actually fighting the animators mouse. No matter what the animator does, Victim constantly resists capture until he finally gets to the menu at the top and begins making new copies of himself to plan an invasion. Then, the mouse exits the document and closes it before anything manages to escape.