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Created by Stone (Travis Steven), then implemented into this game, Andre is a playable character in the game Combat Tournament Legends. He is most known for his hammer and thunder abilities.


He is a brown stickman with black lines and a faint, black bruise that represent his face.


God's Hammer:

Andre can spawn and wield an enormous, electric hammer, which when hit with can deal devastating damage.

Energy Manipulation:

He can manipulate energy through his fists and can also temporarily paralyze his enemies in place with electricity, leaving them stuck and Andre to annihilate the victim to his pleasing.

Similar Characters

  • SwordUpURAss (Andre): He appears only in 6 Way Game. His color is changed to be dark red, and his hammer is also dark red.


There are only 2 types of bots for Andre: Normal and Follow.

Normal Bot

This bot can't do special attacks and also stays in one spot in the map.

Follow Bot

This bot is the same as the Normal Bot, but they won't stay in one spot on the map and will follow a certain opponent in the match. They also can do special attacks.

Moves (Links: Animations)

  • Attack 1: A simple forward punch that moves him forward slightly; Not used by A.I.
  • Attack 2: Follow up to Attack 1; A second punch; Never used by A.I. (Frame Name: Attack2)
  • Attack 3: Start to the down combo; A crouching kick that launches opponents away; Large damage; Not used by A.I. (Frame Name: Attack18. This attack was considered to be followed up by Attack 2, as the first animation frame for the move syncs up with the hitbox parts of Attack 2.)
  • Attack 4: Follow up to Attack 2; Back elbow attack; Decent knockback; Bots follow up with Attack 15. (Frame Name: Attackback)
  • Attack 5: Start to the up combo; Jumps and uppercuts; 3 hitboxes; Bots follow up with Attack 13. (Frame Name: Attack14)
  • Attack 6: Follow up to Attack 3; An attack utilizing his hammer; A diagonal swing that launches opponents away at a 45° angle; 2 hitboxes; Not for A.I. (Frame Name: Attack4)
  • Attack 7: Quickly sprints and slams the electrically charged hammer onto the ground in front of him; Large damage; Not used for Bots. (Frame Name: Attack7)
  • Attack 8: Follow up to Attack 1 and Attack 2; A lower half-circle swing with his hammer that launches opponents into the air; Not used for A.I. (Frame Name: AttackUP)
  • Attack 9: Aerial attack; Forces his body to spin forward, then struts his body out mid spin to perform a spiking kick; Not for Bots. (Frame Name: Attack12)
  • Attack 10: Aerial attack; A forceful angled kick; Not for A.I. (Frame Name: aAttack12)
  • Attack 11: Follow up to Attack 3; Uses energy to form fire onto his hand, then thrusts his hand forward with force, causing a powerful electric punch from his hand; Large damage; A.I. never use this move. (Frame Name: FPunch)
  • Attack 12: Follow up to Attack 11; Flying forward, pulls out a bazooka, and before he stops in place, he shoots it; Weirdly enough, there is no hitbox within the move; Not used by Bots. (Frame Name: Fire)
  • Attack 13: Follow up to Attack 5; Performs strong aerial kicks forward; 3 hits; Can also be followed up by Attack 11; Bots follow up with Attack 16. (Frame Name: Attack13ass)
  • Attack 14: Follow up to Attack 13; Uses similar animation frames from Attack 9, but they are done in reverse and the move launches upwards at an angle; Not for Bots. (Frame Name: Attack13ass2)
  • Attack 15: Follow up to Attack 7; Performs quick thrusts with the hammer in a repetitive motion in front of him, ending with a launching hit; 9 hits. (This attack uses two parts: Attack13 and ENDFASTCOMBO (The first part is the function to execute the move, and the second part is played after the last animation frame of the first part.).)
  • Attack 16: Follow up to Attack 15; Uses two hammers to slam onto the ground in front of him, enlarging the head part of the hammers upon impact with the ground; 3 hitboxes; First hitbox does large damage; Bots follow up with Attack 15. (Frame Name: kgnasdfjjig)
  • Attack 17: Follow up to Attack 3; Using two hammers, repeatedly bangs the ground on both sides of him, bringing opponents closer to him, ending with him violently shaking his hammers, launching opponents away; 15 hitboxes; Never used for Bots. (Frame Name: DrumPlayer)
  • Attack 18: Follow up to Attack 6; Quickly swings his hammer diagonally as he sprints forward, launching opponents away, which happens 4 times, afterwards spiking them downwards with the hammer. (This attack uses two parts: Attack1444 and atatateet (The first part is the function to execute the move, which is also scripted to play four times, and the second part is played after the last animation frame of the first part the time it happens the fourth time.).)

Voice Clips

Frame 5 of Jump

Frame 8 of stopit01/Frame 1 of Wall

Frame 1 of Rollfront/Frame 1 of DrumPlayer

Frame 2 of Attack18

Frame 3 of Attackback

Frame 2 of Attack4/Frame 1 of Fire

Frame 1 of Attack7

Frame 1 of Charging

Frame 5 of SpecialComboy

Frame 84 of SpecialComboy

Frame 4 of FPunch


  • Andre is unlocked by winning the 6 Way Game.
  • He is voiced by Stone.
  • Andre's movement speed is tied with Home-Run-Bat and Mr. Slaptastic.
  • Andre's movement during rolling is more static than everyone else's.
  • Most of his attacks were taken from Combo Factory.
  • Attack 3, Attack 7, Attack 11 and the first hit of Attack 16 will only hit one fighter, regardless of when fighters are overlapping each other.
    • The attacks listed above (and a few others) also have a bug where if a character hit by any of those attacks was hit by someone else previously, if they are killed, the kill will count for that someone else instead of you.
  • Attack 12 was taken from the game "Andre's Adventure".
  • Attack 15's first hitbox actually occurs at the place he was before he teleports to opponents. The hitbox also hits specific opponents, as it isn't consistent.
  • For some reason, Andre has some type of Directional Influence applied to him: If you get hit by an attack, you can hold left or right slightly during taken damage to shift his position slightly. It's unknown if this was intentional or not, as it doesn't happen to anybody else.
  • Andre cannot die from death barriers out of bounds or spikes. This is because he doesn't have code telling the game how he's suppose to react to the out of bound and spikes hitboxes.
    Unused Andre Attack.gif

  • Andre has an unused attack. It is a second, automatic combo that uses animation frames from other attacks. It is unknown what attack could've been used that could follow up with this attack, was it properly implemented, because the move doesn't have a frame label to tell the game what to refer to the move as, so it can't be loaded or executed in-game. The attack looks very choppy because automatic attacks in the game usually have less easing between frames to make the attack look fast, but it looks more lazily done here. The attack has 10 hitboxes all together, with all of them being hit12 hitboxes.
  • Andre's ai moveset works differently compared to characters like Home-Run-Bat, Mr. Slaptastic, and Double Range. Instead of playing certain attacks in his main attack script, he only plays Attack1. In his animation script, it forces Andre to play certain moves whenever he tries to uses Attack1.