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Andre is a dark orange stick figure from Fluidanims and; Stone created him. Andre is the first of the official Rock hard Gladiators from FA. He created FA and started the RHG crusade with FLLFFL and the RHG tournament.  Andre is very direct and cool RHG and prefers to get tasks done quickly, but do not take his kindness for weakness, or be fooled by his calm appearance. He spawns and wields a ginormous hammer, capable of increasing its weight and mass. His hammer's forged in chaos and his power was a gift from a higher being. Infused with an electric force that consumed his soul, his weapon most essential attribute and his also prison. He is bound to his hammer, and if he drops the hammer, then it's your end. Andre can summon forth thunder and lightning, and if he were to hit the ground with full force it could cause the Earth to crack, so he usually holds back his strength when battling. With high power, comes great responsibility. But besides the show-off of his skill, he is a party animal and a chill guy. He now leads Stickpage with Crazy Jay.

his referred animation: Hammer fights with FLLFFL


Won 5 battles



  • Aliases: Papa Stone, Father of RHG, and The Giant Wielder.
  • Formal State: Unique, Original, and Over Power
  • He's consider to be the first RHG