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Andre is a dark orange stick figure from Fluidanims and created by Stone. Andre is the first of the official Rock hard Gladiators from FA. He created FA and started the RHG crusade with FLLFFL and the RHG tournament.


Andre, 26. Was born in shear mayhem, raised in crucible of struggle and anguish. He fought his way through his life as an underdog just barely making it to see the light of the next day. Until he was about 17 years old, when he'd found an extraordinary weapon buried in the rubble of the RHG Coliseum. This weapon seemed like any other geological landmark to anyone else, but Andre noticed something peculiar about this rock formation, As he approached the rock; it exploded in a fiery electric display releasing his destiny.


-God's Hammer: Andre can spawn and wield an enormous, electric hammer. The Hammer is forged in chaos and due to it's huge size, it can deal devastating damage.

-Thunder Manipulation: Andre can manipulate thunder through the Hammer and deliver electricity in blasts and shots.

-Energy Manipulation: The Hammer is bounded to Andre, which allow him to manipulate energy through his fists.


-Swiftness, quick attacks and anything that hinders his overall movement.

-He's also quite slow, besides being claustrophobic.


1.1 RHG Battles

1.2 Speedbattles

1.3 Others

  • VS Electro_5S Cancelled
  • VS Jomm Not Official

Stone's RHGs (Older RHG's)



  • Aliases: Papa Stone, Father of RHG, and The Giant Wielder.
  • Formal State: Unique, Original, and Over Powered
  • He's consider to be the first RHG.
  • (RHG vs Tekkan) FA Classics: "In the end the battle was very VERY close but as I remember stone was victorious."